Lot Series with Cameron Hughes


Cameron Hughes makes a “lot” of wine. Growing up in Modesto, California, wine was never far from Cameron’s line of sight. In fact, his entry into the wine business could have easily been considered a foregone conclusion. His father, Steve Hughes invited him to work one summer in support of his direct-marketing team at his wine company. Cameron found he loved selling wine, and seemed to be good at it.

Once bitten by the wine bug, he sold his wine collection and wrote a business plan for a négociant company. Along with wife and business partner Jessica Kogan, he founded Cameron Hughes Wine, to take advantage of the excess juice and fruit during the “wine glut” in the early part of the decade. In 2001, they began by selling wine from the back of their Volvo.

Cameron works with producers and winery owners to purchase their “finished” wines – and sometimes, finishes them himself. He also works with wine growers to make wine in their vineyard with his company’s oversight. A hallmark, some would say a selling point, is that he maintains confidentiality of the original sources of both the wine and the fruit. With several labels in the CHW portfolio, there could be as many as 70 or 100 different wines on the market at one time – though their “Lot series” has become synonymous with Cameron Hughes.

Join us as we talk with Cameron about the trials and tribulations of being a négociant in the world of wine.

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