From Chile to California


In 1978, a young Alex Guarachi boarded a plane from Chile to California with the goal of becoming a professional soccer player. Sidelined by an injury in college, a soccer career was no longer an option, and Alex had to set his sights elsewhere.

Alex hails from Santiago, Chile. One of eight children, wine, some of the best from his homeland, was a staple on the dinner table. When Alex made the pilgrimage from Chile to the U.S., those wines were nowhere to be found. Vowing to change that, he and a business partner formed TGIC – Thank God It’s Chilean.

Recognizing a virtually untapped market for Chilean wine, in 1985, Alex managed to purchase his first container of Chilean wine, and TGIC Importers, Inc. was officially open for business. What began as a one-man show operating out of Alex’s dimly lit garage grew into a multi-million dollar company boasting a portfolio of some of the finest wines from not only Chile, but also Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and California.

Join us as we talk with Alex about his nearly 30 years in the wine business, the emergence of Southern Hemisphere wines, and how he came to start his own wine label.

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