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South Africa has a long history of wine, going back to the Dutch settlers. The wines, however, never received much distribution to other parts of the world, due primarily to trade sanctions during the latter part of the last Century in reaction to apartheid.

When apartheid finally ended in 1994, South African wineries had hoped to make up for lost time. However, the quality was spotty, and its wines were not well received. Fortunately, it was this same public reaction that ultimately pushed the wineries to improve quality. Today, there are many fine wines coming out of Africa. Located in the Stellenbosch region near Cape Town, Kanonkop is seems emblematic of the changes that have happened and are still occurring in South African viticulture and winemaking.

Join us as we talk with Abrie Beeslaar, winemaker for Kanonkop Estate. You’ll hear how varieties like Pinotage and Chenin Blanc are not only alive and well, but are also viewed as the trump cards not just for Kanonkop, but for the entire region.

For more info: Kanonkop Estate: www.kanonkop.co.za

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