Chenin Blanc, Not Your Fathers Wine


Chenin Blanc wines are probably quite familiar to most wine consumers. Since the 11th Century, France’s Loire Valley has always produced lovely Chenin Blancs, such those from Savennieres and Vouvray. The French wines have varied from dry to sweet, and both seem to last decades or more. On the other hand, this is usually not the case for Chenin Blancs from the New World. At one time, domestic Chenin Blanc was usually reserved for ½ gallon bottles (aka, Jug Wine), or added to blends of other domestic white grapes. It never really seemed to gain traction as a varietal on its own. Certainly there were plantings in the U.S. and in several Southern Hemisphere countries. But none of them rivaled the original wines from France. Interestingly, that may be changing. South Africa has been growing Chenin Blanc since the Dutch settled there in the 1600s, while creating a trade route to India.

Join us as we talk with Ken Forrester, of Ken Forrester Wines in South Africa. He’s an excellent spokesperson for the grape, its history, and for the beautiful wines that can be made from it.

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