Things To Be Thankful For In Winemaking Compliance


Yes I know, “thankful” and “compliance” don’t usually show up in the same sentence together. But if you’re someone who has spent the past 15 years interacting with the TTB from a recordkeeping and reporting standpoint you can appreciate the improvements that have come along to simplify the process. Plus I’m a person who believes in a regular practice of gratitude. So in the spirit of this annual American tradition from our founding days I’ve summarized a few of this years compliance “developments” that I’m grateful for.

Many of these items on the list are recent developments from the TTB over this past year while others are about new developments in my business.

1. Faster label approval times. Average processing time is now back down to 11 days.

2.  (along the lines of #1) A longer list of allowable changes to labels not requiring new label approval.

3.  The ease of using the TTB’s Permits Online site. I’ve had applications come back approved in as quick as 45 days.

 4.  Napa Valley College has kept my wine compliance class on its schedule. Next offering comes up Spring 2013.

5.  Two new packages are part of my business offerings: The Compliance Tune Up & The Compliance Check In. For more info you can sign up for my free call:

6.  Last but not least I’m thankful to all of you who have found my blog and made contact with me to let me know that it made you smile, helped you out or provided useful information. Thanks! I’m very grateful to hear your appreciative feedback! It is you that I am writing for. Make sure you stay in my loop of the wonderful world of winemaking compliance by signing up for my newsletter by accessing my “5 Simple Steps” download here on my site.

And for those of you who have any items to add to this list from your own experiences I’d love to hear about them! Please share them in the comments section below.

Here’s to more updates and improvements to be thankful for in your winemaking compliance as we approach 2013! Stay tuned!

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