30 Years of Wine Retail


With thirty-plus years of wine retail business behind him, Steve Zanotti has seen more than a few changes. But, as the old saying goes, ‘sometimes the more things change, the more they remain the same.’ As co-owner of the Wine Exchange, in Orange County, California, Steve has arguably “seen it all”: the emergence of wine critics, quickly followed by the appearance of wine reviews and wine scoring, and followed in turn by the dominance and ubiquitous use of the 100-point scale. Additionally, there has been a huge increase in number of wine producers, as well as a leap in overall wine quality. Some might say all of this has added up to stratospheric prices of highly sought-after wines. Others might point out that there are still plenty of bargain wines to be had out there.

So, was there ever a simpler or better time for wine connoisseurs?

Join us as we sit down with Steve Zanotti, the hear if things were really better, or even that much different, “in the old days.”

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