2012 World of Pinot Noir Seminar – Natural Winemaking


Natural winemaking – yet another hot button topic over the past couple of years, was discussed in some depth at the 2012 World of Pinot Noir. The panelists included both small winery winemakers who practice various degrees of “natural” winemaking: Bradley Brown, Big Basin Vineyards; Peter Cargasacchi, Cargasacchi Vineyards; Nathan Kandler, Thomas Fogarty Winery; and Joe Wright, Left Coast Cellars, as well as larger wineries that do not necessarily pursue the extremes of “natural” winemaking due to economy of scale concerns: Scott Kelley, Estancia Estates Winery; Brian Maloney, DeLoach Vineyards; well known author and proponent of “natural” wines Alice Feiring, author of Naked Wine; and Clark Smith, the founder of Vinovation (a provider of alcohol reduction tools, volatile acidity reduction, juice concentration, supplier of tannin adjunct, etc) and vintner at WineSmith.

Join us as we hear from natural winemaking devotees, or maybe the not-so-much devotees, in a seminar moderated by John Haeger, author of North American Pinot Noir, and Pacific Pinot Noir. Maybe we’ll even get a solid definition of the phrase, “natural winemaking.” But don’t hold your breath.

For More Info:

Big Basin Vineyards: bigbasinvineyards.com
Cargasacchi Vineyards: www.cargasacchi.com
Thomas Fogarty Winery: www.fogartywinery.com
Left Coast Cellars: leftcoastcellars.com
Estancia Estates: www.estanciaestates.com
DeLoach Vineyards: www.deloachvineyards.com
WineSmith Wines: www.winesmithwines.com
Alice Feiring: www.alicefeiring.com

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