What Drives Environmental Sustainability in the New Zealand Wine Industry?: An Examination of Driving Factors and Practices.


Purpose – The study therefore seeks to examine (1) the current sustainability initiatives undertaken by wineries (2) what drives the wine industry to engage in sustainable practices, (3) barriers to implementing sustainable practices, Design/methodology/approach – Using a mixed method research approach, this study uses a triangulated approach to examine interviews and questionnaires to determine motivations and elements of influence.Findings – This study found that the strong drivers for the sustainability initiatives are their concern about the state of the environment and social responsibility, followed by requirements for exporting and protection of agricultural land. Research limitations/implications – A limitation of this study was a low response rate from the online questionnaire and may influence or bias study results, however, detailed face to face interviews aid to gain clarification on concepts and study results.Practical implications – While global wine consumption is growing, environmental sustainability in the wine industry is also receiving increasing attention from retailers, governments, environmental groups, and consumers. New Zealand has experienced a winery boom over the past two decades with a 173 percent increase in the number of wineries. Along with this growth, wineries are also facing issues such as water consumption, its impact on community, and waste management. Originality/value – Although there are many studies about the wine industry, relatively few studies have examined sustainability elements from a mixed-method approach to determine practical elements which may influence practices undertaken. It also examines practices undertaken by wineries, barriers to implementation and incentives to further implementation. Fed By: Emerald | International Journal of Wine Business Research | Table of Contents

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